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Hde ® 2 Port Usb 3. 0 Express Card

#174; 2 Port Usb 3. 0 Express Card5 Star Rating
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Optimize Your Computer Overall Performance Via The Hde 2 Port Usb 3. 0 Express Card By Hde

The #174 2 Port Usb 3. is a type of excellent product you can buy from the internet. For anybody who is wishing to purchase this firewire support device, you have come to the perfect place. We offer you unique deals just for this product with secure purchase. Just one of the best characteristics for this firewire card is the backwards compatible with previous usb standards compliant with express card 1. 0 specs. Should you need a great deal for this firewire support device for your pc, visit the button below.

port express card allow step speed

Price: $12.95
Brand: HDE
Model: HDE-B63
UPC: 797734234756

This product will let the user to step up to USB 3. Time to move inside the fast lane and get your 3. 0 Superspeed Express Card today, don't get left behind! 0 speed while nevertheless keeping their old computer or laptop!


  • Providing 80% more power than a USB 2. 0 card, this USB 3. 0 controller card will reducing the need for additional external power adapters.
  • Transfer 25GBs of data in up to 70 seconds with the 5Gbps transfer speed of Super Speed USB 3. 0, compared to 14 minutes with USB 2. 0
  • HDE ® is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products
  • Backwards compatible with previous USB standards ; Compliant with Express Card 1. 0 specs
  • This device allows you to communicate with 127 different USB devices through one USB 3. 0 interface, instead of a one to one (point to point) like e SATA.
  • Qty: 1
  • Package: 0.19 lbs.

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