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2PORT Firewire 400 Pci Card

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2PORT Firewire 400 Pci Card
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Comparing prices for a firewire support device? Look into the 2PORT Firewire 400 Pci Card by! Among the key features for this firewire card is the two 6-pin fire wire 400 ports, each with transfer rates up to 400mbps. Additional features include things like plug-and-play and hot-swap compatible. The barcode for this firewire support device is 0666669976003. It's dimensions are 1.18"H x 6.89"L x 5.59"W and weighs just about 39grams. The warranty is: lifetime warranty. There are lots of brand names that make firewire cards, with all of those producers supplying diverse price levels. While you are purchasing a firewire card, pick an appropriate manufacturer's warranty. It ought to have a typical warranty, be it a month or an whole year. Great deal on 2PORT Firewire 400 Pci Card.

This Fire Wire 400 adapter card can be installed in any PCI Express slot in order to add 2 IEEE 1394a ports, making it an best selection for connecting a broad range of Fire Wire 400 compatible devices such as external storage, DV camcorders, HD video cameras, personal multimedia devices and significantly much more. Plus, the adapter card consists of an optional low profile/half-height bracket that tends to make it easy to add 2 Fire Wire 400 ports to any computer, regardless from the laptop or computer case form aspect. The Fire Wire adapter card is created according to a native PCI Express (PCIe) single chipset that harnesses the complete capability of PCI Express, allowing for greater performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


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