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3-PORT 2 Ext. And 1INT. Firewire

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3PORT 2 Ext And 1INT Firewire


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Upgrade any computer with the 3-PORT 2 Ext. And 1INT. Firewire manufactured by Siig. A listing of characteristics include weight - 0. 8 lb, firewire ports - 3 and firewire support - ieee 1394. Bar Code# 662774026992. It has a weight of 0.37 lbs. Selecting a 3-PORT 2 Ext. To take advantage of the great deal I uncovered, check out the market button on this page.

1. Works with Sony, Panasonic, Cannon, Sharp, JVC and many other DV camcorders for digital video creating/editing Supports both PC and Mac 3. Two external and 1 internal IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) ports assistance DV camcorders, challenging disk drives, removable drivers, scanners, printers and other 1394 audio/video devices including TV, VCR, DVD with data transfer rates as much as 400Mb/s 2.


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