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Siig 3-PORT Firewire 800/400 Pci Rohs

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3PORT Firewire 800400 Pci Rohs


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3-PORT Firewire 800/400 Pci Rohs made by Siig is a brilliant device, boast precisely how much of a technology nerd you really are. A list of features are 1-year warranty, siig 3-port firewire 800/400 pci rohs and siig nn-830112-s2. It has a weight of 2 lbs. 3-PORT Firewire 800/400 Pci Rohs. If you need a good deal for this firewire support device for your system, visit the add to shopping cart button.

Technical Information:Chip set: TI TSB81BA3 (PHY) and TSB82AA2 (LYNX) Regulatory approval (s) : FCC Class B (Do C) and CEPort type: 2 Fire Wire 800 (1394b) 9-pin and 1 1394a (6-pin) portsIncludes one spare low profile bracket for system with low profile chassisSupports IEEE P1394b and backwards compatible with 1394a-2000 and 1394-1995 standardsFully interoperable with Fire Wire, i LINK? 2 compliant and functions in 32-/64-bit PCI slotWorks in 3. implementation of IEEE 1394 standardsPCI 2. 3v or 5V PCI slotProvides 2 1394b (9-pin) and 1 1394a (6-pin) ports for connecting up to 63 devicesSupports information transfer rates of 100, 200, 400 and 800MbpsBuilt-in 4-pin power connector could possibly be employed to receive extra power provide from systemSupports hot-swapping and Plug-n-Play connection of peripheral devicesSupports both isochronous and asynchronous data transfer modesWorks with numerous kinds of Fire Wire 800 (1394b) and 1394a devices including portable hard disk, DV camcorder, digital camera, CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive as well as other audio/video devicesRo HS compliant and SB1394?


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