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3-PORT Firewire I/o Card

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3PORT Firewire Io Card


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For everybody who is looking to purchase a firewire support device I have put together some info. Have a look at the 3-PORT Firewire I/o Card by Siig! The barcode for this item is 662774026961. A listing of special features include firewire support - ieee 1394, firewire ports - 3 and weight - n/a. It weighs only 0.35 lbs. Explore a few manufacturers should you not have one specially you favour. Whenever you're choosing a firewire support device, look for a manufacturer's warranty. A bit of basic research will go quite a distance based on it you are able to with certainty choose the things which you want or need. Looking for 3-PORT Firewire I/o Card.

1. Supports data transfer rates up to 400Mbps 2. Works with various types of 1394 devices including DV camcorders, tough disk drives, removable drivers, memory card readers, CD-RW/DVD-RAMs, MO drives and also other 1394 audio/video devices like TV and set-top box. Fully compatible with Sony, Panasonic, Cannon, Sharp, JVC and several other DV camcorder brands Ro HS compliant 3. Adds high-speed IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) interface into your personal computer for diverse kinds of 1394 devices connections.


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