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3-PORT Firewire Pci Express Card

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3PORT Firewire Pci Express Card

Belkin Components

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Wanting to buy firewire cards for your computer? See the 3-PORT Firewire Pci Express Card, a great firewire card manufactured by Belkin Components. One of the several key features for this product is the adds 3 fire wire ports to computer through pci express slot. Additional features include things like includes installation cd. It's 2.5" Height x 10" Length x 7.5" Width. It weighs something like 0.3 lbs. Best price 3-PORT Firewire Pci Express Card, select the hyperlink below.

The Belkin Fire Wire 3-Port PCI Express Card offers the perfect solution for users who desire to add Fire Wire ports to their computers. The Card is created to take benefit of the additional bandwidth and capabilities provided by the new PCI Express I/O interconnection normal. Now you can download many large files and transfer documents to your hard drive all at the identical time-without worrying that your computer will freeze, crash, or slow down to a trickle.


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