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Aja Kona 3G 2K/3G/DUAL Link Hd/hd/sd 10-BIT Pcie Card, Hdmi 1. 4A Output

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Aja Kona 3G 2K3GDUAL Link Hdhdsd

AJA Video

Increase your personal computer's features via the Aja Kona 3G 2K3GDUAL Link Hdhdsd a great firewire card from Aja Video. I definitely loved that the product had the feature of 2 sd/hd/3g sdi inputs and 2 sd/hd/3g sdi outputs. Other highlights include things like hdmi 1. 4a output for 3d workflows, 16-channel sdi embedded audio i/o and up to 16-channel aes digital audio i/o. It weighs just about 2.2 lbs. I would like for you to get the best price when purchasing a firewire support device!

KONA 3G features 10-bit Uncompressed video I/O, the newest HDMI 1. Add to that realtime hardware-based up/down/cross conversion for efficiently operating with a wide range of SD and HD, 3G, dual-link HD, even 2K formats, a hardware downstream keyer for compositing graphics with out rendering and so significantly far more. 4a support for 3D workflows, 16-channel SDI embedded audio I/O and as a lot as 16-channel AES digital audio I/O (8 with breakout cable or 16 with optional K3G-Box ).


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