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Belkin F5U512-APL Fire Wire Notebook Adapter For Power Book G3 Series

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F5U512APL Fire Wire Notebook Adapter

Belkin Components

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Selecting firewire support devices? The F5U512-APL Fire Wire brought to you by Belkin Components a great product. I certainly loved that the item has the feature of compatible with power book g3 series models with a family code of m4753 or m5343. The firewire support device has got a weight of 0.44 lbs. Cheapest price F5U512-APL Fire Wire.

The Belkin Powerbook G3 Fire Wire Card Bus Adapter brings Fire Wire technologies to your Powerbook. Just slide it into your Power Book's available 32-bit Card Bus Type II slot, and you get three IEEE 1394 ports. It enhances peripheral connections with speed, accuracy, and ease. That lets you hook up i Pods, scanners, and other peripherals, and tends to make information transfers a breeze. The adapter accommodates hot swaps, and it uses gold-plated contacts for maximum conductivity and corrosion prevention.


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