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La Cie 130813 Usb 2. 0 Pci Card Design By Sismo

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La Cie 130813 Usb 2 0 Pci Card Design


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With the Internet, you can purchase different products through the comfort of your home. For those wishing to buy a firewire card I have put together some good info. Look at the La Cie 130813 Usb from Lacie. I'm sure you will love that it comes with max interface transfer rate up to 480mbits/s. Other features include things like four external usb 2. 0 ports and supports both 3. 3v and 5v. It's dimensions are 2" Height x 9" Length x 7.5" Width. It has a weight of 0.12 lbs. Purchasing the La Cie 130813 Usb, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

The La Cie 130813 USB 2. The unique, exclusive design by Sismo comes using a dedicated gripping pad for ESD protection. A hub, which you hook up straight to a USB connector on your computer, typically has four or seven output connections enabling you to connect exactly the same quantity of peripherals. 1 devices (at 1. It also offers full backward compatibility with USB 1. The USB interface is cross-platform, which means you can use your USB peripherals on both Mac and Windows systems. Hi-Speed USB 2. 0 PCI Card created by Sismo. 0, you must connect your USB 2. Add 4 further external USB ports to your computer with all the La Cie USB 2. In order to accomplish the fast transfer rates of USB 2. With USB ports on your computer, you can connect many peripherals using hubs ¿ a method called daisy-chaining. One standardized port and plug combination tends to make it easy and quick to connect and use. 4 or higher and Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP or Vista. 1 speeds ).) Made for users who wish to upgrade their Mac or PC desktop, it ¿ s the quick, easy and affordable method to expand connectivity. Technically, you can connect up to 127 devices to a single USB bus; for a lot more than two devices, though, you must make new connections using a hub. 0 provides the required fast data transfer rates that today ¿ s external devices demand. Conveniently, there ¿ s no need to shut down or restart your laptop or computer when adding or removing a USB device merely because they ¿ re hot-swappable. 0 device straight to a USB 2. 0 PCI Card design by Sismo is a completely functional USB 2. As soon as your device is connected, your computer recognizes it and automatically configures the necessary software. 0 host, supporting High-Speed (HS) , Full-Speed (FS) and Low-Speed (LS) operation. The La Cie USB 2. 0 port on either a computer or hub. It ¿ s driver-free for Mac OS X 10. 0 PCI Card is plug and play, so just plug it in and it ¿ s ready to go to operate for you. (This PCI card is not compatible with PCI express slots, laptops or notebook computers.


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