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La Cie 130822 Fire Wire 400 Anf 800 Usb 2. 0 Pci Card Design By Sismo

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La Cie 130822 Fire Wire 400 Anf 800 Usb
La Cie 130822 Fire Wire 400 Anf 800 Usb 2 0 Pci Card Design By Sismo Image 1


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Looking to buy firewire card? The La Cie 130822 Fire a great firewire card for the computer. I really believe you will love that the item has got this feature of usb 2. 0 max interface transfer rate up to 480mbits/s. Other features include driver-free for mac and windows. Bar Code# 093053762315. The firewire support device is 1.7" Height x 9.25" Length x 7.25" Width. It has got a weight of 0.12 lbs. Where to buy a La Cie 130822 Fire. To order this product now at the cheapest price, click on the market link.

The La Cie 130822 Fire Wire 400 and 800 USB 2. One standardized port and plug combination tends to make it basic and quick to connect and use. It ¿ s PCI 2. 0 PCI Card Style by Sismo is plug and play so just plug it in and it ¿ s ready to work for you. 1 performance ). 3 compliant, has a built-in hardware bus master engine, and offers 3. Conveniently, there ¿ s no have to shut down or restart your computer when adding or removing a Fire Wire device provided that they ¿ re hot-swappable. It ¿ s driver-free for Mac OS X 10. The Fire Wire 400 and Fire Wire 800 interfaces are cross-platform, meaning you can use your Fire Wire peripherals on each Mac and Windows platforms, like fast external hard drives, camcorders, and more. 1 devices at the exact same time for maximum connectivity (at USB 1. Once your device is connected, your computer recognizes the device and automatically configures the necessary software. 3 or greater and Windows 2000, XP or Vista. Hi-Speed USB 2. The USB interface is hot-swappable and cross-platform, meaning you can use your USB peripherals on each Mac and Windows computers very easily. Made for users who want to upgrade their Mac or PC desktop personal computer to all three interfaces. This card is conveniently backward compatible with USB 1. 0 ports, one Fire Wire 800 port and one specific Fire Wire 400 port to your personal computer. 0 supplies the necessary fast information transfer rates that a lot of of today ¿ s external devices require. Fire Wire 800 boasts a maximum interface transfer rate of as considerably as 800Mbits/s, generating it ideal for speed demanding projects, like audio/video editing and regularly saving large files speedily. 3V and 5V assist and add 3 USB 2. The unique, exclusive new design by Sismo comes with a dedicated gripping pad for electrostatic discharge protection and is compatible with a PCI slot.


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