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Nitro Av 4-PORT Pci-express Fire Wire 800/1394B Professional Pcie Host Adapter

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Nitro Av 4PORT Pciexpress Fire Wire
Nitro Av 4PORT Pciexpress Fire Wire 8001394B Professional Pcie Host Adapter Image 1


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Nitro Av 4PORT Pciexpress Fire Wire from Nitroav a great firewire cards enhancement. Among the many features is the supports one-lane 2. 5gbps pci-e specification. Additional features consist of 1394b data transfer rate up to 800mbps and easy plug and play. The part number for this is NAVPCIEFW800. Lowest price Nitro Av 4-PORT Pci-express. For the greatest offer for this firewire support device or other items, click on our partners via the link.

Our items have been qualified by thousands of consumers with software/hardware combinations and can be found in a multitude of specialist systems all in regards to the globe. This card is designed to function with a wide range of Fire Wire devices including DV camcorder, CD-RW/DVD-RW, portable hard disks, RAIDs, digital cameras, and also other audio/video devices. Here it is, The Nitro AV PCI Express Card, now with TI XIO2213 native PCIe chipset, adds up to four Firewire (1394B) ports to your pc. By making use of the PCI Express 1-lane slot (x1) , this card can fit into any available PCI Express slot and data transfer speeds of up to 800 Mbps are achievable.


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