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IMPORTER520 Pci Fire Wire Ieee 1394 3 + 1 Port Card + 4/6 Pin Cable

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Pci Fire Wire Ieee 1394 3 1 Port Card
IMPORTER520 Pci Fire Wire Ieee 1394 3 1 Port Card 46 Pin Cable Image 1


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Pci Fire Wire Ieee supplies new power as well as style into your system. I do believe you will like that it comes with i x 4 port pci 1394a fire wire adapter card - 3 x 6-pin/1 x 4-pin. Other features include things like 1 x 6-pin to 4-pin firewire cable, brand new generic product and 1 x cd driver. The UPC for this ideal product is 848285072400. Buying the Pci Fire Wire Ieee 1394 3 1 Port Card.

Importer520 3 Port PCI Low Profile 1394a Fire Wire Adapter Card turns a motherboard PCI slot into two external IEEE 1394a Fire Wire slots (2x6-pin, 1x4-pin) , a cost-effective resolution that lets you connect any Fire Wire 400 device to your desktop computer. Compatible with either Mac or PC computers, the 1394a Fire Wire card can be installed in small/micro form factor computer cases, A practical answer for connecting i Pods, MP3 players, portable drives, digital camcorders and more to your desktop computer, the Fire Wire 400 adapter card supports hot-swappable connectivity, permitting you to plug, unplug, and swap your Fire Wire peripherals with ease. A versatile Fire Wire video editing solution, the adapter card can be installed in a PCI 5V or PCI-x 3. 3V slot, and contains a copy of ULEAD's Video Studio SE Basic video editing software, creating it easy to capture and edit video from your digital video camcorder


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