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Synchrotech Unibrain Fire REPEATER-800 Pro Fire Wire 800 Ieee 1394B Repeater Hub 4 Port

Unibrain Fire REPEATER-800 Pro Fire Wire5 Star Rating
Unibrain Fire REPEATER800 Pro Fire Wire
Unibrain Fire REPEATER-800 Pro Fire Wire By Synchrotech The Right Firewire Support Devices Enhancement

Synchrotech Unibrain Fire REPEATER-800 Pro Fire Wire 800 Ieee 1394B Repeater Hub 4 Port - a great item manufactured by Synchrotech brings you power plus style into your pc. FW8-FIO-UB4PRH is the manufacturer's number for this product. Buy the unibrain fire repeater-800. We would like you to get the best price when selecting a firewire support device.

synchrotech unibrain fire wire ieee repeater

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Brand: Synchrotech

Synchrotech's 4 Port Repeater Hub provides port expansion on Fire Wire  ® 800 IEEE 1394b device chains. 5 meters (15 feet) is inadequate. Repeater hubs give bus flexibility in that they let for daisy chaining and/or hierarchical (tree) bus configurations. Simply daisy chain repeaters between cables to extend your reach to 110m. Repeater hubs also supply a means to lengthen the distance between devices when 1394's cable length of 4. Oriented towards industrial and machine vision applications, Fire Repeater-800 PRO â"¢ provides the capability to connect as much as 4 Fire Wire 1394b devices and it's metallic compact case minimizes the threat of physical damage. The Hub utilizes IEEE 1394b bus power, or accepts an optional power adapter for use with devices requiring more power. Fire Repeater-800 Pro incorporates locking 9 pin bilingual ports, multiple mounting points and an optional metal bracket to ensure an even a lot more secure physical connection. The platform agnostic device offers four 9 pin (bilingual) IEEE 1394b ports using a maximum throughput of as much as 800 Mbps each.


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